Product Selection

Your Fresh Food Deserves the Best

Several factors should be considered when selecting the NPX ONE food tray that works best in your packaging operations and merchandising program:


The length, width and depth of our fresh food trays can be adjusted to meet your operational and merchandising systems.


The strength of your tray will be adjusted to meet the requirements of your packing operation, either for traditional retail meat departments or for high-speed, automated protein packing operations.


Tray color can have a positive effect on the shelf appeal of your product. NPX One offers a wide range of colors, including white, black, rose and yellow.


NPX ONE offers a wide range of polystyrene trays, including two grades of supermarket trays, two grades of processor trays and a barrier foam tray.


Our processor trays and barrier foam trays are available pre-padded with a superior food absorbent customized for your product’s packaging application.